Inspired by EDHREC, the Commander website, PDHREC offers recommendations for your PDH deck based on which commander you use. PDHREC collects data from publicly available decks on deck building websites like Archidekt, Moxfield, and Tappedout.net, and determines the most popular and synergistic cards.

Synergy Scores

The synergy score for a card is a measure of how popular a card is in decks with that particular commander, versus with other commanders. It's calculated for each card per commander by first calculating the percentage of decks with the same commander and that card, and then subtracting the percentage of decks running it on average. A score of -100% synergy means every deck runs it, except for decks with your commander. A score of +100% synergy is highly unlikely, but means that every single deck with this commander runs it, and no other decks do.

What is PDH?

Pauper Dragon Highlander, PDH, PEDH, Pauper Commander are all names for a format of Magic: the Gathering which is a cross between the Commander and Pauper formats. Just like in Commander, you pick a creature to act as your commander, and then choose cards in the same color identity to build a 100 card deck. But like in Pauper, the restriction is that all of the cards in your deck must be common rarity. The only key difference is that your commander is any uncommon creature, not a common and not necessarily legendary. Check out the PDH Homebase for details.


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